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Making plans can be difficult with everyone’s busy schedules, so picking a date and booking your trip early are your best chance at getting everyone to come along. Lodging, as well as space on your favorite outdoor adventure, is limited. During peak summer months many things will sell out. Make sure you get the trips and the lodging you want, at the times that work best for you, by making your reservation now. Last minute reservations are always welcome, and we will do our best to find space for you and your group. There are a few ways for you to make your reservation. You can always call us at 1-888-813-8524 to speak with one of our adventure consultants. We will be glad to help you plan a great trip. Another option is to use our online reservation system. Now you can book your trip in the middle of the night, when everyone else is sleeping.

Office Hours

Memorial Day to Labor Day 8 am-7 pm. Labor day to Memorial Day 9 am-5 pm.

Check in procedures

Our office closes at 7:00 pm Sunday through Thursday and 9:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. The office staff will explain your trip itinerary and go over the rental agreement if you are staying in a cabin. If you arrive after office hours, your check-in package will be left by the front door of the office. If you are staying in a cabin, we will require the signed rental agreement the next morning before your trips.

Pricing Policies

All prices are per person unless otherwise indicated. Youth prices are for kids under the age of 17. Some activities have optional equipment that can be rented either with your reservation or at the time of your trip.

Payment Policies

Wildman Adventure Resort requires a 50% deposit in order to confirm your reservation. The balance is due 15 days prior to your trip. We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. If paying by check, the full balance of your trip is due 21 days in advance.

Taxes and Fees

There is a 5.5% Wisconsin sales tax added to your invoice. You will also notice a 2% booking fee. This fee is charged by our reservation system host.

Cancellation Policies

All cancellations must be made outside the 15 days prior to the trip start date to be considered for reimbursement. If outside of the 15 days, there will be a full refund less a 5% processing fee. If inside the 15 day window, your reservation will not be considered for a refund.

We have limited capacity both on our trips and on the property. When you make a reservation we save some of that limited space for you and your group. Many of the costs associated with your trip are committed long before you arrive. Staff, food, vehicles, and insurance are all paid for whether you show up or not. For this reason, we strictly adhere to the cancellation policy above. Late cancellations and no-shows will not be considered for any type of refund.

Information for your group

You, as the group leader, have the responsibility of providing all necessary information to your group. This includes detailed information about the activities in which they will be participating, as well as the type of lodging in which they will be staying. Please help us to make sure everyone is well informed by providing them with the same information we have provided to you. This will ensure that nobody is surprised by what they will be doing or where they will be staying and as a result everyone will have a better trip.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for specific activities and packages or in specific dollar amounts. Please note that gift certificates are non-refundable.
Wildman Gift Certificates
Privacy Policy
 Wildman Adventure Resort is committed to keeping your personal information private.  You can view our privacy policy here.