Adventures-Menominee River Outpost

N22200 Bomber Road Niagara, WI 54151
Located approximately 40 miles from the Peshtigo River Outpost


Menominee River Whitewater Rafting

Menominee Rafting

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The world class Menominee River provides the whitewater enthusiast with some of the largest volume rapids in the Midwest, with characteristics similar to those found on more famous whitewater runs. Read More

Menominee River whitewater rafting with Wildman Adventure Resort

Menominee Rafting-Wild Ride

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This trip runs along with our regular Menominee River whitewater rafting trips, but instead of the 8-10 person rafts we normally use, you will be in a much smaller 4-5 person raft. Read More

zip line wisconsin

Zipline Tour

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Soar through the air on the Wildman zip line tour. Unleash your inner aerial daredevil as you soar through the trees and along the Menominee River. Read More

Paintball at Wildman Adventure Resort

Paintball Pursuit

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A bead of sweat is rolling down your cheek. Your finger is on the trigger as you scan the surrounding terrain. Your eyes focus on a grove of trees. Was that movement? Now is the time to make your move. Read More

Rock Climbing at Wildman Adventure Resort

Rock Climbing

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The view is your reward for scaling the rocks. At the top of this challenging climb, you can see for miles over the bluffs and gorges of the Iron Mountain area. Read More


VIP Guide Service at Wildman Adventure Resort

VIP Guide Service

If you want the ultimate experience and you don't like conforming to a schedule we've created just the thing for you and your travel companions.  The Wildman Adventure Resort VIP Guide service might just be the perfect fit.   Read More

Golf at Bombers Golf course

Bombers Golf

Maybe you're looking to relax and hit the links.  Views of the Menominee River and extended views of the surrounding forest will accompany you as you play your way through this course.  Read More