Why Wildman Adventure Resort?

Nine different outdoor adventures. All from the same company.

Wildman Adventure Resort is your one stop for adventure. You would have to book trips with many different companies, and travel all over the Midwest, to get what the Wildman Adventure Resort has to offer here in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Lodging Options

Over the years, we have added to and improved upon our lodging quality and options. Today we offer beautiful campsites, modern shower facilities, and deluxe cabins of all sizes. All of our campsites and many of our cabins offer free wireless internet.  We also recently partnered with some of the best hotels in the area. What this means for you is that we have lodging that will fit any taste or budget. We have what you are looking for when it comes to finding a place to stay in the woods.

Location - Location - Location

The Wildman Adventure Resort has two locations. These spots were chosen with you in mind. The Peshtigo River Outpost location was chosen for its beauty and river access. It is located off the main road along what is known as the "Roaring Rapids" section of the Peshtigo River. This whitewater section of the river provides natural white noise that will sooth your soul in the short time you're here. Your campsite or cabin is located on some of the most beautiful terrain in the Midwest. You can hike for miles up the Peshtigo River and enjoy all that it has to offer, including fishing and swimming. Another advantage of being on the river is our private take-out, which is located just past one of the best rapids on the river. This take-out provides you with two benefits. The first is that it allows you to rerun some of the best rapids on the river, and the second is that you can avoid having to paddle the lower section of the Peshtigo at lower water levels.

The Menominee River Outpost location, although added at a much later date, was chosen with you in mind as well. Located along the Menominee River, in the bluffs on the Michigan and Wisconsin border, the Menominee River Outpost location is the perfect setting for outdoor adventures. The Adventure Center is located in the middle of the golf course that borders the river. This will be your base camp for your adventures here.

Family Environment

Have you ever ended up at a place where you were afraid to leave your kids or even your wife alone? You probably didn't expect that situation when you booked your trip. Here, at Wildman Adventure Resort, you will feel comfortable and at home even though you might be hundreds of miles away. The staff works hard to make you feel comfortable and will go out of their way to take care of you and your family.

Safety is our first priority

Many of our adventures have an element of danger to them. Our guided trips are a great way to be introduced to the many adventure opportunities available here in the Midwest. Let us take care of training and teaching you what you need to know to keep yourself safe. Our guides are trained in how to safely run all of our adventures, and we will provide you with all the safety equipment needed for a safe and exciting trip.