Corporate Groups

Leave the dress clothes at home and try a wetsuit or climbing harness instead. In today’s highly competitive corporate environment, the success of your company is directly related to the relationships within your team. A healthy, well functioning team is critical to the bottom line.

Wildman Adventure Resort can provide you with new and creative teambuilding options or an alternative to the usual company party. A trip here can also be a new addition to your corporate rewards program or can simply be a great place for your next important meeting.


Reward your employees with a true corporate retreat. Make time to leave the office behind and concentrate on having a great time together, sharing an outdoor adventure. This experience, away from the office, will reenergize your team. The very nature of these outdoor activities will establish a bond between your employees that will be as enduring as the memories they take home. The benefit your company receives is in the form of better communication, trust, teamwork, and creative thinking, which will more than offset the cost of the trip and will pay for itself many times over.

Corporate Rewards

Are you looking for a way to give the ultimate pat on the back for a job well done? A plaque or announcement in the company newsletter is great, but what if you could offer your team members a trip with their family to the Wildman Adventure Resort? In the busy working life of many people, time spent as a family is often neglected. This corporate reward will go a long way to show your understanding that family is an important component of any great team member. This will soon become the most sought after reward in your program.

Plan Your Trip

Whether you choose to use Wildman Adventure Resort as a corporate teambuilding adventure or as part of your corporate rewards program, your employees will see a retreat to the Wildman Adventure Resort as a perk, a unique company bonus that enhances your overall benefits package and makes for a great selling point when it comes to your corporate culture.

Our Adventure Consultants will help you create a great plan for your company. We will help align your needs with our services. Things to consider in your planning:

  • Goals of the trip
  • Budget
  • Lodging needs
  • Catering needs
  • Time availability