Catered Meals

Did you know that you can have all your meals catered for the weekend?  When it comes to meals don't worry about shopping, transporting, preparing, and cleaning up. Our Weekend Action Adventure and Mini Vacation packages include these meals but you can add them to any reservation.  Ask one of our adventure consultants for more information.

Peshtigo River Hiking Trail

Leave your tent or your cabin and hit the trail. The Peshtigo River offers many miles of beautiful scenery as you hike your way up river through what’s known as the Roaring Rapids section of the Peshtigo. Be extra quiet, and you might even experience some of the vast and varied wildlife in the area. Don’t worry about getting lost though - simply follow the river back to where you started.

Peshtigo River Fishing

Most of the Peshtigo River is considered class 1 or 2 trout stream. There are many other fish to be had here as well. The many miles of hiking along the Peshtigo offer plenty of opportunities for shore fishing.

Sand Volleyball Court

Challenge your family, friends, coworkers, or guides to a friendly game of sand volleyball located right in the heart of the campground. Have you ever played volleyball in the middle of the woods?


The pavilion is located in the middle of the campground. If your group is spread out throughout the property, you can use this as your meeting place. Gather together around the campfire and talk about the day’s activities.

Special Deliveries to your campsite or cabin

If you would like to make packing a little easier, there are a few things you can leave to us. You can pre order ice, campfire wood, and charcoal to be delivered to your cabin or campsite. Just let us know while you’re making your reservation and it will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Free Wireless Internet

Stay connected at the Wildman Adventure Resort.  There is free wireless internet that covers the campground and many of the cabins.